Meet Tarindaro

Tarindaro is the head of a family of five in rural, northwest Bangladesh.

When we met him in 2012, he was working as a day labourer in agriculture. As the sole income earner, he brought in 100 - 250 taka (85p - £2.14) per day. The work was seasonal and unreliable, which meant he often took out loans to cover the cost of basic food items such as rice and vegetables.

The family lived in a one-room earthen house, only 7.5m2 in size with no personal water source, no access to sanitation facilities and no electricity. They were chosen by their community to work with us and co-design a new prototype house to improve living conditions.

(Photo: J. Ashbridge)

(Photo: J. Ashbridge)

Tarindaro worked full time on the project, alongside our construction staff, to build his own home. He was involved in all stages from design and purchase of materials to construction and finishing. Tarindaro is now the biggest advocate in the area for improved building techniques. He also has the skills and expertise to work in construction ensuring a consistent source of income for his family.

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Author: J. Ashbridge