Jo Ashbridge

Jo Ashbridge / Founder & Director

Jo's passion lies in humanitarian work, disaster relief response and sustainable development. Her project portfolio includes constructing one room shelters in Vietnam, developing an incremental phased expansion for a hospital in southwest Uganda, authoring guidelines for T-shelters post disaster and most recently researching earthen architecture in low income communities across Bangladesh.

In 2014, Jo established AzuKo to grow the impact of participatory design. She is an alumna of Echo++ and the School for Social Entrepreneurs. Jo regularly speaks on architecture and design for international development and advises on education as part of the RIBA Education Development Group.

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Nathan Ardaiz

Nathan Ardaiz / Design Researcher

Nathan recently settled in Tower Hamlets where he has been undertaking ethnography and insight work for elderly people in Poplar, mentoring, tutoring and program design for adolescents, as well as communication, strategy and design for the NHS. Before London, Nathan worked in San Francisco mentoring young adults whilst doing research, community engagement and stakeholder analysis for development in Presidio National Park.

As a writer and contributor to The New Asterisk Magazine, Nathan has published on topics ranging from the Brave Festival in Wroclaw, to San Francisco Design Week, to Year Here - a fellowship in social innovation in London.

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Apu Roy

Apu Roy / Project Manager

Apu leads the community engagement of our Bangladesh projects. He is a shelter consultant, specialising in low-cost housing in rural areas. Apu has been involved in a number of high profile projects across the country, including the award winning Rishipara Mandir Paathshala bamboo school.

Most recently Apu acted as project manager for the Amirabad clinic with Bangla Bari, and steered the design and construction of Dinajpur's first remote learning primary school with JAAGO Foundation. Apu brings a wealth of local knowledge and expertise to the team.

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Poverty alleviation can seem insurmountable. Challenges are wide ranging, intertwined and complex... but let us not be turned away.

Andrew Costa

Andrew Costa / Chair

Director, Ryder

Andrew has a keen interest in urbanism and the design of places for people. He is a Civic Trust assessor and his design work often involves unlocking difficult sites, working with local communities and steering these through complex planning and urban design challenges. Andrew is passionate about environmental issues and founded ecOiko a green ecological online resource centre in 2011.

Katie Crepeau

Katie Crepeau / Trustee

Architect & Author, Design Affects

Katie has worked in the US and UK and is interested in participatory design practices. Katie expands the dialogue around PID through strategy and communications. She is editor at Design Affects and co-founder of the research organisation Mapping Impact.

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Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith / Treasurer

Strategy & Corporate Finance Consultant

Thomas is a consultant with extensive experience in strategy, M&A, and corporate finance in the UK and Asia-Pacific region. He has worked in a range of sectors including international development, financial services, aviation and agriculture. He is passionate about sustainable development, particularly in the Pacific Islands where he was born and raised.

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