Severe flooding across north Bangladesh

Heavy monsoon rains over the past week, coupled with a rush of water from upstream, have caused high levels of flooding across north Bangladesh. Many communities we work with in Dinajpur are greatly affected. Access to food, shelter, clean water and clothing is a huge issue.

This is fast becoming one of the most serious humanitarian crises this region has seen in many years and urgent action is needed to meet the growing needs of millions of people affected by these devastating floods.

Most major rivers are flowing above their danger mark. It has been reported that the water level of the Brahmaputra river has reached a level no exceeded for a hundred years. The situation may worsen as more rain is forecast in both Bangladesh and upper catchment areas in India and Nepal.

As of 14 August, 89 people are known to have died, including at least 14 people in the last 24 hours... Affected communities require temporary shelters, access to food and safe drinking water, as well as emergency medical services.
— United Nations

Those in particularly rural sites remain cut off due to breaches of embankments and roads. Large numbers, including those in Jogen Babu Maath slum, are sheltering on embankments, with host families or in schools.

We're working with our local partner Simple Action For the Environment (SAFE) to reach all the communities we work with, past and present. No matter how remote.

We're committed to support these individuals, families and communities... who are our friends. When the waters recede there will be a lot of rebuilding and repair work to be done. Our first goal is to ensure adequate sanitation to reduce the spread of disease. We need your help.