Community-driven development to address the growing number of slums

  • Date: November 2015 to present

  • Community: Jogen Babu Maath slum, Bangladesh

  • Partners: SAFE and POCAA

Today, over a quarter of Bangladesh' population is urban - with one million arriving annually. Informal settlements are categorised by tenure insecurity, poor housing materials, limited access to public services and densely crowded and unsanitary conditions. We're supporting JBM slum improve their living conditions, with the design of community sanitation and drainage.

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Dinajpur city, Bangladesh

Dinajpur city, Bangladesh

Poor sanitation and drainage continues to kill more people than HIV/AIDS, malaria and measles combined.

Sewerage systems can reduce the incidence of diarrhoea by up to 60%. Help us provide JBM slum with these basic human rights.


In August 2017, we completed the new sanitation and shower facility; restoring a disused building for community use. The facility is now managed by JBM committee. Check out the opening ceremony streamed live via Facebook.

We'll be measuring impact over 2018, and setting our sights on improving urban drainage.

Hear from Hena: She's one of five women who have been elected to join the JBM committee. Read about what inspires her.

Meet Rubi: She's been living in Jogen Babu Maath slum for 14 years and has big dreams for the community. Read her story.

Thoughts from Apu: We sat down with our project manager Apu Roy to head more about his interest in community-led design.


The work features in the exhibition and publication, Bengal Stream