You’ll be enlightened, humbled & uplifted by a great cause

It’s Volunteers’ Week, a chance to celebrate and say thank you for the fantastic contribution volunteers make. Our volunteers support us in everything from events and fundraising to photography, design and architecture.

Meet a few of these amazing individuals:


Zoe is currently supporting AzuKo to develop our income generation strategy as part of a BeyondMe team from Deloitte

Volunteering at AzuKo means sharing our networks, knowledge and passions, and knowing that somewhere in the world, something small that was said or done could at some point make such a massive impact to someone else’s life.

Babul contributes to AzuKo projects in the northwest of Bangladesh, utilising his skills in design and architecture

Working on AzuKo projects is an opportunity to share thoughts, feelings, experiences and learn from others. I’ve learnt a lot about co-design and community engagement, as well as improving my English language skills.

Emma led a fundraising campaign for AzuKo to enable women to attend vital ‘build for safety’ training in Bangladesh

I give up my time to AzuKo because I have a deep concern for disaster resilience and humanitarian architecture. We’re raising money to teach women in Bangladesh how to strengthen their homes - it’s a tool for women’s empowerment.

Ronnie co-designed the experience of AzuKo’s ‘Family Night’ event, to celebrate our work and impact

Volunteering with AzuKo always brings a smile. At their Family Night supporters came together to ideate - so many stories and laughter was shared. Great friendships were born that night. I’d encourage anyone to support AzuKo. You’ll be enlightened, humbled and uplifted by a great cause.

If you'd like to volunteer with us, visit our work with us page and fill out the volunteering application form. We’ll be in touch when an opportunity matches your skills.