Construction improvements to make homes more resilient in a changing climate

  • Date: June 2018 to present

  • Community: Rangpur division, Bangladesh

  • Partner: SAFE

Bangladesh is at the forefront of climate change, experiencing floods, cyclones and earthquakes. However the underlying disaster is the desperate poverty in rural communities which forces people to live in hazardous locations and in poor quality housing. We aim to train 120 vulnerable women to build for safety in 2019, and double this number in 2020.

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Rangpur division, Bangladesh

Rangpur division, Bangladesh

What difference will the training make?

Simple strengthening improvements can cost just 5% of the total construction cost and can provide resilience against floods and strong winds.

Our ‘build for safety’ workshops offer technologies that are affordable, appropriate and available locally. They give people real choices and control over their lives and livelihoods.

After attending our training in 2018, Ponchomi now lives in a secure bamboo-frame house. Read her story.


In the devastating floods that affected two-thirds of Bangladesh in August 2017, an estimated 101,683 houses were destroyed and 619,834 partially damaged. 145 people lost their lives. This was the 4th major flood that year. We need to build back better.

Why women?

Although the construction industry in Bangladesh is male dominated, typically women in rural Bangladesh manage their homestead while men work away. Ongoing maintenance and repairs are part of women’s daily life.

We strongly believe that women’s empowerment, particularly in the built environment, leads to society’s advancement.

It costs just £19 to enable one woman to join our training.

Build for safety