In what ways can we facilitate a collective identity to help communities thrive?

A sense of place is a critical exploration of belonging in the UK. A defining of what Wendell Berry calls 'the home place' with vulnerable and underrepresented groups. Working with secondary students, families and individuals at risk of eviction, housing associations, social enterprises and the greater UK community, we are running a series of pilot projects to construct a more holistic and just approach to placemaking and development.

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London, UK

London, UK

Did you know...?

In England in 2015, there were nearly 26,000 evictions... 19,000 of those were by social landlords like housing associations.

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We're part of an ongoing conversation with those who live in and around Poplar, London.

As part of the London Festival of Architecture we hosted a range of individuals from researchers and architects to local residents and volunteer groups in Chrisp St Market. Together we explored how to reduce the rate of eviction among residents of social housing, and how to build resiliency.

The outputs from these co-design workshops were then added to an exhibition of our work in the Poplar Pavilion, designed and built by Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow, Alex Julyan

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We're essentially operating in the realm of social capital - the coffers of our relationships. Read more >>

When working with groups, we challenge our collective understanding of ourselves. A project update >>