Journey to the ethnosphere

When we began discussions last September regarding our name and our brand, we did not want to follow in the footsteps of many nonprofits which utilise acronyms, neologisms or simple descriptions of intent. Could a name evoke more that its own meaning? Could it represent much more than our own ideas? We believe so.

National Geographic Explorer, Wade Davis eloquently explains why in his 2003 TED talk.

What could be more lonely than to be enveloped in silence, to be the last of your people to speak your language, to have no way to pass on the wisdom of the ancestors or anticipate the promise of the children? And yet that dreadful fate is indeed the plight of somebody, somewhere on earth roughly every two weeks because every two weeks some elder dies and carries with them to the grave some ancient tongue.

In the end I think it is pretty obvious, at least to all of us who have travelled in these remote reaches of the planet, to realise that they’re not remote at all. They’re homelands of somebody, they represent branches of the human inspiration that go back to the dawn of time.

And for all of us, the dreams of these children, like the dreams of our own children, become part of the naked geography of hope... storytelling can change the world.


Author: J. Ashbridge